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CBLN is now Disability:IN Chicagoland

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November 16th, 2018
Disability:IN Chicagoland | Your business partner for disability inclusion

To propel business disability inclusion domestically and internationally, the USBLN recently rebranded as Disability:IN. With this new national brand comes new branding for the local Affiliates as well and at last month’s Disability Inclusion Opportunity Summit, the CBLN unveiled its new brand – Disability:IN Chicagoland. This updated brand represents a new opportunity to tell our story in a more powerful way and engage more people in our mission. Because, while the misperception of people with disabilities slowly erodes, other barriers remain such as unconscious bias, insufficient accessible technology, and non-inclusive supply chains. Disability:IN Chicagoland represents a new era for disability inclusion in business, while at the same time, the program remains committed to building a stronger bridge between business and the disability communities. The new brand also represents a commitment to working together with purpose. Business has a competitive advantage when everybody is in, including talent with a disability. Rebranding to email templates, flyers and this website will be updating soon!