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Disability:IN Chicagoland Launches New Website

Posted in: News
February 28th, 2019
Screenshot of Disability:IN Chicagoland's new website

Last October the Chicagoland Business Leadership Network changed its name to Disability:IN Chicagoland to signal its commitment to creating an economy where people with disabilities participate fully and meaningfully. The name change was part of a larger rebranding effort by the United States Business Leadership Network, which changed its name last summer to Disability:IN, giving more visibility to the cause nationally. The organization’s 40+ Affiliates across the country have joined in the effort to create a more unified brand and build awareness of the importance of including people with disabilities throughout the workforce, supply chain, and market place. The final piece of the program’s rebranding was recently completed with the launch of the new Disability:IN Chicagoland website. The new website increases the program’s ability to connect Chicago area companies to tools and resources on disability inclusion. Please check out our new site and update your bookmarks to reflect its new URL,