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The American Medical Association

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Late in 2019, the American Medical Association (AMA) officially launched Employee Resource Groups at the American Medical Association – the first time the AMA has ever had these in their almost 175 year history! In 2020, AMA’s ERG for people with disabilities launched and is called “ACCESS.” Currently AMA has 7 ERGs. AMA partnered with Access Living on a series of three workshops about Disability History, understanding how language reinforces stigmatization, Social vs. Medical Model (important for our employees to understand the difference!) and a session on accommodations and accessibility best practices. There was significant turnout and interest from AMA employees. In addition, the CEO of AMA is having listening sessions with members of each ERG, to better understand issues and challenges. Even though the ERG’s are new, the AMA has formed an ERG Council with each of the Chairs, to begin planning events with intersectionality in mind. The American Medical Association is thrilled to be a part of Disability:IN Chicagoland – and is eager to share experiences and learn from other members. In the future, the AMA would love the opportunity to partner with ERGs from other member organizations to co-host events.